Talk to Your Children about Their Classes Every DayTalk to Your Children about Their Classes Every Day

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Talk to Your Children about Their Classes Every Day

I have three children, and like most working parents, I am busy from the time I wake up until the time I go to bed. When my son recently brought home a report card with a grade lower than he usually gets, I was shocked. However, I wasn't angry at him, but instead angry at myself -- I had been so busy that I hadn't been having frequent discussions with my children about how they were performing in each and every class. I always asked them how their days went, but this made me realize that I had to spend more time each day discussing their classes with them. I know there are other busy parents out there, so I decided to make a blog to share my tips for helping children get the most out of their K-12 educations when you are a busy parent.



Two Situations In Which You Should Sign Your Teen Up For An Online High School Program

Here are some situations in which your teen might benefit from being signed up for an online high school program. They find attending high school in person hard because of their social anxiety disorder If your teen has social anxiety, then going to high school in person is probably hard for them. They may, for example, spend their school days fraught with worry about having to sit beside and make conversation with people at lunch in the cafeteria and might find things like science classes, where they need to pair up with a peer to do lab experiments, very stressful. Read More