Talk to Your Children about Their Classes Every DayTalk to Your Children about Their Classes Every Day

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Talk to Your Children about Their Classes Every Day

I have three children, and like most working parents, I am busy from the time I wake up until the time I go to bed. When my son recently brought home a report card with a grade lower than he usually gets, I was shocked. However, I wasn't angry at him, but instead angry at myself -- I had been so busy that I hadn't been having frequent discussions with my children about how they were performing in each and every class. I always asked them how their days went, but this made me realize that I had to spend more time each day discussing their classes with them. I know there are other busy parents out there, so I decided to make a blog to share my tips for helping children get the most out of their K-12 educations when you are a busy parent.



5 Key Reasons To Enroll Your Child In An International Boarding School

Would you want your child to get a world-class education in a diverse environment? Attending an international boarding school would give them a big head start in achieving their dream university courses and careers. In addition, a boarding school will teach your child a measure of responsible independence. The multicultural environment in an international school also exposes your child to diverse cultures. It makes them more accepting of other people. What advantages will your child get in an international boarding high school?

1. World-Class Education 

An international high school typically has a lower teacher-to-student ratio than public-funded high schools. This close interaction ensures your child gets high-quality instruction. The teacher can monitor your child better and identify their strengths and weaknesses.

Private schools have an advantage in better resources. Your child will have the best labs if they decide to pursue STEM subjects (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics). 

2. Foreign Languages 

An international boarding school is a perfect opportunity to learn foreign languages. Living and mixing with students who speak other languages daily exposes your child to a rich language environment.

English-speaking students who learn a foreign language, like Spanish, also have good practice speaking with international students from Spanish-speaking countries.

3. Better College Preparation 

Boarding schools have a strong focus on college entry. Your child will have access to top college counselors to guide them in selecting the right course. An international high school will prepare your child for exams to enter top universities. It gives your child a head start in getting into coveted college spaces.

4. All-Round Growth 

Besides top-class education, an international boarding school grows your child in an all-around manner. They have access to extra-curricular programs, including art, dance and theater, and sports.

Being away from home gives your child a chance to grow socially because they have to develop a measure of independence. They must learn to live and make friends with strangers from around the world.

5. Develop a WorldView 

An international boarding school exposes your child to people from diverse cultures and backgrounds. They are also mixed religious and political beliefs. This multicultural setting allows students to learn from each other and overcome cultural stereotypes.

The friendships formed in high school last into college and beyond. Your child will have friends from across the world. These relationships can be very helpful later in life for career and business networking.

Would you like to give your child an advantage to get into their dream college course and career? Then, enroll them in a world-class international high school for the best education they can get. For more information, contact an international program, like A+ World Academy.